GraphWant to save £1000’s on your recruitment costs?

The Chef Tree can save you thousands of pounds over the course of only one year. You pay a one off fee of only £75 when you ‘branch out’ to a Chef and that’s it! No more monthly fees to agencies, no more payments from your Chef’s wages.

If you currently use an agency for your recruitment, you could save £2,500 on every Chef you use!

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Good group for bringing chefs together keep it going!
Robert Hartley
Head Chef / The Queens Hotel
The benefits of using Chef tree are endless, the whole idea is genius. From joining into a family of passionate chef's, not only can you integrate, share and receive advice , you are in the best possible place to find the job you need and paid correctly, and a perfect tool for a Head Chef such as myself.
Simon Miller
Head Chef / The Ashville
As an operator and trusted advisor to other restaurants and pubs, I love what the Chef Tree has to offer us - flexibility, transparency and control in chef recruitment at last!
Peter Austen
Managing Director / Hospitality Entrepreneur
The Chef Tree will give me the control I need to recruit my chefs when I need them - even if at 1am after a busy night on a Saturday if we have a last minute event to cater for - I look forward to taking some control back!
Darren Armstrong
Owner / Chin!Chin! - Bristol
Great to be a part of a community helping grow and develop chefs from all areas. The Chef Tree helps with everything from creating employment to guidance with developing your food, creativity and career.
Joe Mccarthy
Head Chef