Quick Meals To Make At Music Festivals

The music festival season is already upon us with hundreds and thousands of people attending music festivals this Summer. It can be difficult to find nutritious food whilst being in the middle of a field, with proper nutritious meals being fairly expensive. Here are some easy meals that you can cook yourself from the comfort of your own tent (providing you have a mini stove / mini pans)!

Pasta dishes
There is lots of water available at music festivals, with taps dotted around campsites left right and centre. This comes in handy for if you want to cook a pasta dish. Just boil some pasta, drain it, add your favourite sauce and stir. Very simple, but will definitely give you the energy to dance along to your favourite band!

Egg dishes
As you know, there are a large amount of simple dishes you can make using eggs- scrambled, boiled, poached and omelettes. You can make all of these quickly and easily at music festivals with not a lot of effort needed. Eggs contain lots of nutrients, with protein and fat in eggs helping to sustain energy levels, keeping you full for longer and reducing the need for wanting to eat more.

Soup takes no time at all to cook, and can be the healthy option to have at a music festival for a light lunch, especially if you’ve been eating unhealthily and need to make yourself feel good! Add a bit of bread and butter to soak up the soup, and you’ve just made yourself a tasty meal.

Music Festival Food

Quick meals to make at music festivals.

One of the most common meals to make at a music festival is baked beans, with some people spending the whole duration of the music festival eating them. We don’t recommend eating beans for the whole festival, due to flatulent reasons- BUT they are very healthy, cheap to buy and quick to make.

If you’re feeling peckish in the morning and don’t fancy forking out on an expensive music festival breakfast, why not make yourself some porridge? Porridge is very cheap to buy and simple to make. You can also add some fruit as well, to give yourself that extra boost of energy that you will need to survive the weekend.

Mini English Breakfast
Finally, we have saved the best for last. Cook a few sausages, a slice of bacon and fry an egg, and you’ve just made yourself a mini english breakfast.

If you’re going to a music festival this Summer we hope that you take influence from some of the meals listed above. One thing we didn’t mention is who should be responsible for doing the washing up.. you can decide that yourself!

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