How To Stay Awake During Long Shifts

Working long hours in the kitchen can be very exhausting, with many Chefs not taking a break throughout the whole day (that’s dedication for you!).

We have come up with a few tips for you on how to stay awake whilst working tiring long hours:

Drink coffee / energy drinks
This may seem obvious by the name of the drink- but energy drinks give you energy! They contain stimulant drugs (mainly caffeine) which provide mental and physical stimulation. Coffee is also full of caffeine and will give you a buzz of energy. Just don’t drink too much, as it is known that drinking too much coffee / energy drinks can cause severe diarrhoea.. not something you what you want whilst at work!

Have an early night on the previous day
Getting some beauty sleep the night before a long shift will help you stay awake the following day. It’s easier for the body to run on one night of no sleep than one night of no sleep and one night of bad sleep, so try to sleep as much as you can the night before.

How to stay awake during long shifts.

How to stay awake during long shifts.

Keep busy
Keeping yourself busy is known to help with ensuring that you stay awake and on the ball. Even if that means doing other tasks such as tidying or cleaning cupboards in the kitchen! I’m sure that you can think of a million and one things that need doing..

Eat healthily
Eating the right foods can help boost your energy, making you more alert, and give you enough fuel to run for a few hours. Eating unhealthy foods can make you feel bloated and tired. Avoid large meals, instead- eat a few measured meals a day, and snack lightly throughout the day when you’re feeling hungry.

Take a break
As we mentioned at the start of this blog- many Chefs don’t actually take a break during their long shifts.. but you should! Even if it’s just a short break to take a breather outside. The fresh air will make you feel more alert.

Exercise can help with keeping you awake, even by doing basic exercises such as stretching or lunges! However, try to avoid jumping around the kitchen too much when food is being cooked on the hobs, as this could cause you to get seriously hurt!

We hope you find these tips useful, and put them into practice next time you work a long shift.

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