4 Advantages of Using Seasonal Produce

Seasonal Produce

Most people nowadays are unsure which fruit and vegetables are in season, and often assume that produce is in season because it’s available to buy on supermarket shelves. However, there are a number of advantages in using produce that’s in season..

It’s Cheaper
Seasonal food is often cheaper than produce that isn’t in season because it doesn’t require as much effort to produce. If it’s in season, food can be left to grow on it’s own, meaning it’s far less time-consuming and doesn’t need as much labour. Many of us don’t realise the hidden cost of food that is out of season and we’ve got so used to seeing strawberries in supermarkets all year round, we forget what the taste of a strawberry that’s in season tastes like. Why pay £2.99 for a bunch of out of season blackberries when for 3 months of the year, you can pick them for absolutely free? If we learn more about the seasons and try to buy food accordingly, we can start to cut down on costs and enjoy delicious food that is good for us.

It’s Natural
Seasonal fruit and vegetables can be grown naturally in the outdoors without the use of expensive greenhouses, genetically modified crops or pesticide chemicals. Most seasonal produce is grown organically and most probably locally, meaning we can help to support local farmers and support the local economy. Local food is left until it’s ready to be picked, whereas food that travels from different countries loses much of its flavour during transit or it simply doesn’t have a chance to develop flavour in the first place as it’s picked too early in the season. Local food is much better for the environment as it is entirely air-mile free, which means less or even no emissions were involved to get it onto our plates.

Better Taste & Flavour
Strawberries and cherries taste great in the summer but if you buy them in the winter you’ll be very disappointed with the taste, texture and flavour. Food that’s allowed to grow and ripen properly is far tastier than artificially produced food that’s travelled thousands of miles to reach the supermarket shelves. However, some supermarkets are starting to stock produce from local suppliers and you often find the number of air miles or the country of origin printed on the packaging which allows us to make a more informed choice.

New Experiences with Different Food
If you follow the seasons rather than a shopping list, you’ll find a more rich and diverse collection of fruit and vegetables which encourages people to experience lots of interesting tastes and textures, whilst learning about which produce is in season.

We have a ‘Seasonal Dish Of The Month’ competition on our Facebook Group, where we encourage Chefs to make dishes using seasonal produce, take photos of their dishes & enter their dish in the competition. You should join in as well!

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